The importance of extracurricular clubs and how to make it more accessible to students – Boston City Campus High in collaboration with Ster-Kinekor

By Samara Cloete

As more and more school learners move away from the traditional mode of schooling to distance or e-learning, the need for online extracurricular activities and clubs increase. Providing school learners with healthy alternatives with which to spend their free time such as extracurricular activities will have a positive impact on their emotional, social and mental growth.

To contribute and boost this movement, Boston City Campus High, a Cambridge International associate and Ster-Kinekor educational partner, understands the positive impact that extracurricular clubs have on students’ lives. Offering a range of exciting skill-based online extracurricular clubs such as the DJ Music Club with Soul Candi, the Radio Hour Club, the Chess Club and the Journalism Club, Boston City Campus High in collaboration with Ster-Kinekor have come up with a revolutionary solution to make Boston High’s online clubs available and accessible to students across South Africa with or without access to internet and computers.

This partnership aims to convert up to 50 Ster-Kinekor cinemas around the country into educational hubs where students will be able to learn additional skills such as music, chess, app development and more. Boston High will be streaming these online clubs five days a week from Ster-Kinekor cinemas between 8am and 1pm. Students from all walks of life will be able to watch their live lessons inside the cinemas and be able to socialize in the foyer between classes. These clubs create a social digital environment where learners can engage and interact with their like-minded peers while developing skills that are aligned with their aptitudes.

In an upcoming webinar discussion hosted by Boston City Campus High, guest speaker Tim Zunckel who heads up the radio station at Sandton Boston Media House, will be sharing his knowledge around the importance of providing our youth with healthier online alternatives with which learners can spend their free time. Tim will also be discussing how the Boston City Campus Radio Club contributes to this movement by creating an online environment where learners can engage, interact, create and connect with other students. Tim believes that there are many benefits to extracurricular activities or social clubs especially for learners at a school age. Some of these main benefits include higher self-esteem, productive breaks, a sense of belonging and social interaction and a new set of essential life skills to showcase and build onto their resumes. These types of healthy extracurricular activities allow students to create broader perspectives, explore various interests and encourage brain stimulation and cognitive creativity outside of their academic studies.

The goal of this revolutionary move is to have a positive impact on the future of South African youth and hopefully encourage school learners to spend their free time on healthier and more promising options that will increase essential life skills and future opportunities.

This topic will be discussed in greater depth during the upcoming webinar with Boston City Campus High featuring guest speaker Tim Zunckel. If you would like more details about the webinar and wish to tune in to this informative and insightful discussion, then feel free to send an email or contact Boston City Campus High School.

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