e-Learning is not a ‘Band-Aid’ solution.

The traditional classroom has been transformed on a global scale- since the onset of the pandemic, we have seen an increased demand for e-Learning and the customised learning solutions it offers. While online learning may appear to be a ‘band-aid’ solution- It is definitely not a tool that will cease to grow in popularity when the pandemic eventually ends. 

There are many reasons why e-Learning is currently in high demand, one of the major reasons being that lock-down mandates have become far too disruptive for scholars, in addition parents simply aren’t willing to risk sending their children to school in efforts to keep them safe during these unprecedented times. This begs the question; will schools go back to the full-traditional mode of teaching? One can’t help but think that if we only utilize online education under certain circumstances going forward, we as a society would be wasting a valuable tool that facilitates the development of skills that only online can teach.

There are many schools that are only operating within the conventional constraints of schooling, but generally speaking these are schools that would incorporate online aspects if it was feasible. For the most part, the traditional classroom has integrated online learning activities quite seamlessly. Where traditional methods prevail, it is undeniable that there is still an e-Learning element that is present, now more than ever online has proven to be a highly effective resource for both the learner and the teacher.  

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