Social Emotional Learning

Developing self-awareness, self-control and interpersonal skills
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What is SEL?

Social emotional learning is a process through which the individual acquires and effectively uses knowledge, qualifications, attitudes, and skills necessary for dealing with day-to-day challenges, in order to develop into inquisitive people, able to understand their emotions and those of others. It also enables people to conduct positive interactions with others, to act from internal motivation, to exhibit flexible thinking and to develop the abilities to persist, to regulate emotions and behavior, and to make decisions responsibly. In recent years, there has been a dramatic rise in both research and practice of social emotional learning (SEL). Only during the past four years have a half million SEL related scientific studies been published.  In this massive amount of literature, there have been different areas of emphasis, and a variety of definitions and points of view.

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SE​L Competencies

SEL competencies are the abilities to coordinate between cognitive, emotional and behavioral processes in order to encourage optimal development, enable achievement of goals, and be successful in a variety of relationships and cultural environments. The CASEL model relates to these competencies as belonging to five main areas, including intrapersonal skills, attitudes and abilities (self-awareness), interpersonal abilities (self-management, social awareness, relationship s