An upcoming discussion around the importance of helping youth develop soft skills from a young age and how it will contribute towards their success in the workplace

By Samara Cloete

In the 4IR (fourth industrial revolution), there has been a major focus on the digitisation of the workplace which in turn increases the demand for technological skills in the labour force. However, in this new world of technology, there is a great need to marry both technological skills as well as more human soft skills such as emotional intelligence and communication.

Experts in this field claim that soft skills such as problem solving and strong critical thinking skills may be even more important as more and more jobs become automated therefore increasing the demand for soft skills. Scholars with strong analytic and critical thinking capabilities are much needed to traverse the human-machine coherent whole continuum for an improved degree of labour productivity, which in turn provide responses to problems which facilitate effective decision making which is vital in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

In an upcoming webinar discussion hosted by Boston City Campus High around helping youth develop soft skills for job success, guest speaker Carike Verbooy, head of Boston Media House in Sandton, will talking about the benefits of instilling various soft skills such emotional intelligence, time management, communication, leadership and problem solving from a young age. She will be diving into how these various soft skills will increase job opportunities and improve the way employees utilize their hard skills which in turn increase levels of productivity.

This topic will be discussed in greater depth during the upcoming webinar with Boston City Campus High and guest speaker Carike Verbooy. If you would like more details about the webinars and wish to tune in to this informative and insightful discussion, then feel free to send an email or contact Boston City Campus High School.

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