A discussion around the benefits of incorporating tech in a child’s schooling and how it will better prepare them for the workplace in the 4IR

By Samara Cloete

Adequate knowledge in advanced technology, computer literacy and savviness is a major plus in the 4IR. According to a study, since 2001 the use of digital tools in the workforce has increased to 90% out of 545 vocations with lower-skilled occupations contributing drastically to the increase. As per a study made by a Washington think tank, the Brookings Institution, occupations that include greater digital content have a propensity to pay more.

In South Africa, an increasing number of occupations require employees to have a certain level of computer literacy and adequate knowledge of technology. However, according to statistics, the majority of South Africa’s workforce have never sent an email or been exposed to any of the Microsoft tools necessary to survive in the modern workforce. To counteract this and improve the career opportunities for the youth of South Africa, these statistics call for an urgent revaluation of our educational system.

In an upcoming webinar discussion hosted by Boston City Campus High, guest speaker David Chi, an expert in pedagogies and teaching methodologies with many years of experience in the tech industry, believes that it is vital for learners to have up-to-date and adequate technology skills for future job success in an ever-changing tech-savvy world. He also stresses that educators and parents should embrace the use of technology in an online school environment as it helps learners improve their social and academic skills as well as teach them how to familiarize themselves with digital devices which in turn will serve them well in their future workplace.

Therefore, more emphasis needs to be placed on teaching and familiarising school learners with tech skills from a young age. This is something that Boston City Campus High, an online Cambridge associate understands and incorporates into their school learning programmes with the use of advanced AI technology and adaptive learning. Various tech skills are honed and put to use throughout a student’s learning journey while using various tech tools such as Microsoft, educational apps and software.

This informative topic will be discussed in greater depth during the upcoming webinar with Boston City Campus High and guest speaker David Chi. If you would like more details about the webinars and wish to tune in to this informative and insightful discussion, then feel free to send an email or contact Boston City Campus High School.

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